Bing and Leo (Ukie) Sherin


Leo "Ukie" Sherin (1909-1981) wrote and performed on Bing's Kraft Music Hall throughout 1943 and '44. He succeeded Victor Borge as the resident comedian. He also co-wrote Bing's 1943 movie, Dixie, in which he also briefly performed. He can also be spotted in the crowd at a racetrack in Bing's 1950 movie "Riding High." Ukie's nephew, Jack, dropped by the Bing Crosby Internet Museum and left this biography of his uncle:

I was very excited to find your Bing Crosby Kraft Music Hall page on the web with a picture of my uncle, Leo "Ukie" Sherin and a complete radio show in which he appeared. I have passed this on to other members of my father (Ukie's brother) who is 88 years old, his sister who is 97 years old and his brother who is 95 years. Ukie died many years ago.

Ukie is legendary in my family and there are other pictures of Ukie with Bing, Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, and others.

My Uncle Ukie also wrote a song: "Dont' Forget Tonight Tomorrow" in the 40's which was recorded by Frank Sinatra. (I have the recording). In the 50's he became a nightclub entertainer and worked in Dallas. He was there when JFK was assasinated and I found out later that he was a friend of Jack Ruby (who shot Lee Harvey Oswald). Ukie visited Jack Ruby in jail and Ruby told him (in Yiddish) that he had no role in the Kennedy assasination. Also in the mid-50's Ukie produced a comedy album: "Let's Make Friends with Ukie Sherin" which was pretty corny. (I also have this recording)

For years my father had claimed that Ukie actually appeared on the Kraft Music Hall and the radio show you posted is the first solid proof for me. His role as a writer is verified in the new version of "The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio." It is also rumored that he later wrote for Jack Benny's radio show.

Jack Sherin in New York City

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