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    2. Leading Causes of Death United States and worldwide.
    3. Leading Causes of Death United States 1900-1998 (CDC PDF)
    4. Board of Healing Arts: Kansas and Missouri
    5. Kansas City Doctors (find a physician)
    6. U.S. Preventive Task Force Recommendations
    7. Cochrane Medical Reviews
    8. World Health Organization (health education and statistics)
    9. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (food and drug safety)
    10. Atlas of First Aid: A Case Study Approach
    11. Lab Tests Online (understand medical lab tests)
    12. Medline Plus (health information in 40 languages)
    13. Health Library, Univ of Maryland
    14. Pathology Laboratory (University of Utah)
    15. Number Needed to Treat for Benefit or Harm
    16. New Health Advisor
    17. Medscape Health Resource Center
    18. American Council on Science and Health
    19. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    20. Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
    21. Drugs, Vitamins, Herbs: The Scientific Evidence (Medline)
    22. eMedExpert (Information on Prescription Drugs)
    23. Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) for Rx and OTC Drugs
    24. Drug Safety Data Sheets
    25. Drugwatch (news on drug development and safety)
    26. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S. Government)
    27. National Cancer Institute
    28. WebMD (investigate symptoms, treatments, find a doctor)
    29. Medical History of U.S. Presidents
    30. Health and Medicine Streaming Videos
    31. Vendors of Biology Supplies and Anatomic Models

    33. Medical Study Design
    34. Study Design 101

    35. The Mysterious Placebo
    36. Spontaneous Remission and the Placebo Effect
    37. Richard Feynman on Cargo Cult Science. (PDF)
    38. Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience
    39. Why Bogus Therapies Often Seem to Work
    40. Science-Based Medicine and Neurologica
    41. Skeptical Medicine
    42. Quackwatch (guide to health fraud)
    43. Fair Tests of Medical Therapies
    44. Discovery, Chance and Scientific Methods.
    45. Bad Science
    46. Experiment Design
    47. How to Understand Scientific Studies
    48. On Being Sane in Insane Places
    49. Korzybski's General Semantics (Steven Lewis)
    50. Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science
    51. The Science of Religion
    52. Galileo's recantation (1633)
    53. Test Your Scientific Literacy
    54. Science Heroes

    56. Coping with Math Anxiety
    57. Anxiety and Relaxation (90 minute Flash video)
    58. Significant Digits (includes quiz)
    59. Significant Figures in Measurements and Calculations.
    60. Scientific Notation & Significant Figures
    61. Significant figures, Scientific Notation, Solving Equations
    62. Variability in Measurements
    63. Metric-English conversions
    64. More Metric conversion problems and solutions
    65. Metric Conversion Tables UK
    66. The U.S. and the Metric System (PDF)
    67. How to Read a Triple-Beam Balance
    68. Reading a Triple Beam Balance and Quiz
    69. Common Lab Equipment
    70. Countdown Timer, Calendar Generator and Calculators

    72. Chemistry 101
    73. Chemistry Guide
    74. Chemistry A to Z (NIH)
    75. History of Chemistry
    76. Virtual Chemistry (Elmhurst)
    77. Chemistry Tutorial (Australia)
    78. Video Lectures on General Chemistry (MIT)
    79. Molecular Structures (Purdue)
    80. Atoms and Molecules
    81. Chemical Elements Periodic Table
    82. Webelements Periodic Table
    83. Clickable Periodic Table of the Elements
    84. Elements of the Human Body
    85. Elements of Life
    86. The discovery of electrons
    87. Evolution of the atomic theory.
    88. Radioactivity
    89. Marie Curie, French physicist and Nobel laureate.
    90. Radiocarbon dating and the Shroud of Turin.
    91. Periodic Table of the Isotopes
    92. Chemical nomenclature and Quiz (Word Document)
    93. Stoichiometry: calculations involving balanced chemical equations.
    94. Temperature and Thermometers
    95. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
    96. Metabolism

    98. Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic Acids, Vitamins, Water
    99. Organic Chemistry
    100. Medical Biochemistry (many articles)
    101. Ban DHMO!
    102. Water Science
    103. Water
    104. Sticky Water.
    105. A Biography of Water
    106. Peptides and Proteins
    107. Proteins and Enzymes
    108. Ask a dietician about protein
    109. Enzymes (Wikipedia)
    110. Enzymes
    111. Enzyme tutorial with animations
    112. Enzyme Inhibition 2-minute Flash animation
    113. Enzymes, Metabolic Pathways, Feedback Inhibition and animation
    114. Medical Biochemistry Page
    115. Human Metabolism (Vanderhooi)
    116. NAS 2005 Report on Dietary Reference Intakes
    117. Galactosemia
    118. DNA and RNA
    119. Discovery of DNA
    120. Deciphering the Genetic Code
    121. Origin of the chemicals of life


    122. The Parts of a Microscope
    123. Light Microscope Tutorial (animation with audio from NASA)
    124. Structure and Function of the Optical Microscope Wikipedia
    125. Principles of Light Microscopy (6-minute WMV by Steven Lewis)
    126. Nikon Alphaphot-2 Microscope (15-minute video)
    127. How to Use a Compound Light Microscope (6-minute Flash video)
    128. The Virtual Compound Light Microscope (practice your skills)
    129. Robert Hooke and Anton Leeuwenhoek
    130. History of the light microscope
    131. Microscopes and relative size in biology.
    132. Cell Biology and Microscopy

    133. CELLS

    134. Inside the Cell (NIH)
    135. The cell theory.
    136. Cell anatomy.
    137. Tour of the Animal Cell Model (10-minute WMV by Steven Lewis)
    138. Basic Cell Structures
    139. McGraw-Hill Cell Animations (Shockwave)
    140. Cell Biology Animations
    141. Cell Types
    142. Cell Organelles (Wikipedia)
    143. Membranes, Diffusion and Osmosis
    144. Cell Cycle and Cell Division (6-minute Flash video)
    145. Mitosis images.
    146. Stages of the Cell Cycle.
    147. Cell Cycle and Mitosis Tutorial

    148. Cells Alive
    149. ATP
    150. Molecular Genetics (Palomar)
    151. Watson and Crick's 1953 paper on DNA.
    152. The New Genetics (NIH)
    153. Universality of the genetic code.
    154. Stem Cells
    155. Cellular basis of cancer.
    156. Cancer.
    157. HISTOLOGY

    158. Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy
    159. Virtual Microscopy(many images)
    160. Histology Tutorial (28-minute Windows Video)
    161. HistoWeb (JayDoc)

    162. Histology World
    163. Histology Zoomer
    164. Histology Images
    165. Histology Slides (Illinois U.)
    166. Histology at Yale
    167. Histology of the Skin (10-minute Flash video)
    168. Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat Measurement
    169. Underwater Weighing Video and Sample Calculation of Body Fat Composition

    171. Imaging the Body
    172. Textbook of Regional Anatomy (Dartmouth)
    173. OpenStax Anatomy-Physiology Textbook
    174. Anatomy-Physiology Animations
    175. Wiley Anatomy Drill and Practice
    176. Regional Human Anatomy Textbook (Dartmouth)
    177. Human Anatomy for the Artist
    178. Get Body Smart (anatomy tutorials and quizzes)
    179. Innerbody Interactive Human Anatomy (interactive quizzes by system)
    180. Webanatomy (many quizzes)
    181. A&P Practical Exams
    182. Anatomy-Physiology tutorials (Chute)
    183. Anatomy Box
    184. Anatomy at SUNY
    185. The Virtual Human Body (animated tour in Spanish and English)
    186. A&P Study Guides
    187. Human Anatomy (cadaver dissections and quizzes)
    188. Maricopa's Anatomy-Physiology Tutorial (many quizzes)
    189. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Anatomic Variations (real vs. textbook people)
    190. Human Body Images, Radiographs (Stanford)
    191. Anatomy Atlases, Textbooks and Digital Libraries
    192. Atlas of Gross Anatomy (anatomy images)
    193. Anatomy Tables by System and Region
    194. Gray's Anatomy (1918 edition full text, illustrated, searchable)
    195. Instant Anatomy (mostly colorful, labeled drawings with learning tips)
    196. Biological Anthropology (human evolution and taxonomy)
    197. Human Cadaver Dissection Videos
    198. ORlive Surgical Videos
    199. Pearson Anatomy Tutorial (many quizzes)
    200. Anatomy & Physiology Tutorial Links
    201. Speech Anatomy & Physiology
    202. Wisonsin's Anatomy-Physiology (text with labeled drawings)
    203. Anatomy Lab Simulator (labeled photos & drawings of organs)
    204. Useless Body Parts (no need for donors)
    205. WebMD Calculators, Health Quizzes, Anatomy Tools
    206. WebMD Symptom Checker (be your own doctor, then sue yourself)
    207. BBC's Interactive Body (anatomy games)
    208. Maricopa's Biology Text
    209. Kimball's Online Biology Text
    210. Normal Lab Values
    211. How Stuff Works Anatomy Channel (animations and videos)
    212. Five Largest Organs in in the Human Body
    213. Biology of Aging (forever young?)
    214. Photobiology

    216. Anatomy Model Quizzes
    217. Keys to Anatomic Models (Austin CC)
    218. Motlow State CC Model Keys: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (PDF)
    219. Photos of Anatomic Models (Merced College)
    220. Anatomic Model Photos (no labels)
    221. Anatomy Tutorials from Maricopa (model photos with keys)
    222. Bioweb Anatomy Quiz (Wisconsin)
    223. Anatomy Models w Labels (San Diego Mesa College)
    224. Anatomy Models w Labels (Santa Rosa)
    225. Visual Atlas Body Systems (BBC)
    226. Photo Gallery of Anatomic Models (cursor over numbers for labels)
    227. Palomar Anatomic Model Index and Quiz
    228. Models Images and Keys (Palomar)
    229. Model Images (Baker)
    230. Middle Tennessee State University
    231. Anatomic Model Keys (no photos) (Tidewater)
    232. Cerritos Anatomy Model Quiz (click on green dots for labels
    233. Voyager Models and Slides
    234. Bluegrass Anatomy Model Quiz
    235. Anatomy Model Quiz (click links below images for labels)
    236. Niagara Virtual Anatomy Lab (labeled models)
    237. Pasadena CC's Virtual Anatomy Lab (click above photo for key)
    238. Anatomic Images Extremities w labels
    239. Anatomy Drill and Practice (Wiley)
    240. Anatomic Model Keys (NAPA Valley)

    242. Physiology Web
    243. A Framework for Human Physiology
    244. Homeostasis of Body Sugar (6-minute Flash video)
    245. Homeostasis
    246. Physiology Models
    247. Physiological Homeostasis
    248. Acid-Base Physiology
    249. Examples of Homeostasis
    250. Virtual Physiology Experiments

    252. A Brief History of the English Language by Steven Lewis
    253. Anatomic Terminology
    254. Dictionary Search
    255. Basic Vocabulary of Gross Anatomy
    256. Anatomic Pronunciation Guide
    257. Etymology (origin) of Medical Terms
    258. Medical Eponyms
    259. Cornell Notetaking Method (YouTube video)
    260. Medical Flashcards, Word Searches and Games
    261. Classification of Living Things
    262. Taxonomy (Wikipedia)
    263. Review of Anatomic Regional Terminology (PDF)
    264. Levels of Biological Organization

    266. Nervous System Models (labeled and unlabeled)
    267. Nervous System Models (labeled)
    268. Cerritos CNS Model Quiz
    269. Adventures in Neuroanatomy
    270. Textbook of Neuroscience (Dartmouth)
    271. Neurotransmitter Net
    272. Reaction Speed Timer and Reaction Time Test


    273. Anatomy-Physiology of the Eye
    274. Webvision
    275. The Human Eye
    276. Somso Eye Video Tour (WMV, 14 minutes)
    277. Lutein and Zeaxanthin protect eyesight
    278. Vision Loss Simulations
    279. Zeiss Online Vision Screening
    280. Snellen Eye Chart and 20/20 Vision
    281. The Joy of Visual Perception
    282. Colorblind
    283. Color Vision and Tests for Color Blindness
    284. Color Afterimage Test (squares) and Dots and Flag


    286. The Human Ear
    287. Virtual Tour of the Ear
    288. Anatomy of the Ear
    289. High-Frequency Hearing Test
    290. Audiology Resources and Hearing Test (YouTube)
    291. Hearing and Balance (textbook)
    292. Dizziness, Imbalance and Hearing Disorders
    293. Vestibular Function
    294. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
    295. BRAIN

    296. The Brain from Top to Bottom
    297. My Three Brains
    298. The Whole Brain Atlas
    299. Regions of the Brain
    300. The Brain from Top to Bottom
    301. Split-Brain Simulation
    302. Sheep brain dissection guide
    303. My brain's bigger than yours!
    304. Cranial Nerves with Puzzle
    305. Interactive Brain Atlas
    306. Cranial Nerves at Yale
    307. More Cranial Nerves
    308. Cranial Nerve Quiz
    309. Brain Chemistry of Depression
    310. Antidepressant Medications
    311. Circadian (daily) Rhythms and Suprachiasmatic Nuclei
    312. Prefrontal Lobotomies
    313. Brain Games (exercises to stimulate your brain)
    314. Reaction time test

    316. Peripheral Nerves
    317. Head and Neck Anatomy Quiz
    318. Spinal Cord Injuries
    319. Neuroanatomy of Speech, Swallowing and Language
    320. Neurobiology
    321. Taste
    322. Adrenalin Receptors
    323. Psychopharmacology
    324. General Psychology
    325. Conditioned Reflexes by Ivan Pavlov (1927)
    326. Sleepless at Stanford
    327. Sleep and Learning (no snoozing in class!)

      ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (See General Resources for more links.)

    328. The Endocrine System
    329. Textbook of Endocrinology
    330. Pathophysiology of the Endocrine System
    331. An Endocrine Webtext
    332. The Hormone Foundation
    333. Hormones and their Receptors
    334. Endocrine System Overview
    335. Vitamin D Hormone in Health and Disease (YouTube)
    336. Human Growth Hormone
    337. Melatonin: a sleep hormone that protects the brain
    338. Ketosis versus Ketoacidosis

    339. SKELETAL SYSTEM (See General Resources for more links.)

    340. Glossary of the Skeletal Terms
    341. The 206 named bones of the Standard Reference Adult
    342. Bone Basics (Smithsonian)
    343. Bones of the Human Body (Wikipedia)
    344. Skeleton Quiz with photos
    345. All About Bones (labeled photos)
    346. Lumen Bone Box
    347. Webanatomy Skeleton Quiz
    348. Bones of the skull, vertebrae and extremities.
    349. Skull Slideshow and Quiz
    350. The Skull
    351. Maricopa Skull Quiz and Foramina
    352. Anatomy and Pathology of the Skull Base (flash animation)
    353. Bones around Somso Eye
    354. Comparative Skeletons Project
    355. Lessons from a Bone Box
    356. Bones and Joints
    357. Bone Tables
    358. Virtual Skeleton
    359. Bones Don't Lie (Forensic Science)
    360. Joints (University of Arkansas)
    361. Joints in Motion
    362. The Cervical Spine
    363. Radiology
    364. Vitamin D in Health and Disease
    365. Vitamin D, Cod Liver Oil, Sunshine and Rickets
    366. Chiropractic (PDF)

    368. Textbook of Dermatology
    369. Integumentary System images
    370. Dermatology A-Z
    371. The Skin Site
    372. Skin Care Advice
    373. MUSCULAR SYSTEM (See General Resources for more links.)

    374. Get Body Smart Muscles (includes animations and quizzes)
    375. Real Bodywork (labeled images)
    376. Muscle Models with Labels
    377. Muscle Models Part 1 and Part 2
    378. Muscular System (text only)
    379. Illustrated Muscles of the Human Body (alphabetical list with images)
    380. Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy (muscle tables with images)
    381. Muscle Tutorial (click on photo to view muscle name)
    382. Loyola University Illustrated Muscle List
    383. Innerbody Muscle Quiz (cursor over muscle to view label)
    384. Illustrated Muscle Tables
    385. Muscles Tables (no images)
    386. Muscles and Joints
    387. Muscles in Action (Quicktime movies)
    388. Sliding Filament Model of Muscle Contraction
    389. Muscle Physiology and Stretching
    390. Muscle Physiology and Structure
    391. Muscle Physiology (PDF)
    392. Motor Pathways (PDF)
    393. Muscles and Exercise
    394. CARDIOVASCULAR (See General Resources for more links.)

    395. WebAnatomy Cardiovascular (many quizzes)
    396. Atlas of Cardiac Anatomy
    397. Heart Anatomy and Sheep Heart
    398. Heart Quizzes (Maricopa)
    399. The Heart Site
    400. Blood Histology Images
    401. Blood Cells
    402. Blood - An Overview
    403. Hemostasis Encyclopedia
    404. Circulatory Model
    405. Cardiovascular Physiology
    406. Cardiovascular Disorders
    407. Cardiovascular Pharmacology
    408. Texas Heart Institute Cardiovascular Tutorial
    409. Cardiac Cycle animation
    410. Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrhythmias
    411. Table of Resting Heart Rates
    412. Circulatory Systems
    413. Wireman Circulatory Model
    414. Arteries and Veins (Arkansas U.)
    415. Vascular Web
    416. Arteries and Veins
    417. Fetal Circulation
    418. Blood Pressure Measurement (Youtube)
    419. Cardiovascular Physiology
    420. CardioBriefs Blog

    422. The Immune System
    423. Dr. Kaiser's Online Microbiology Text
    424. Medical Microbiology Text
    425. Vaccines and Immunizations (CDC)
    426. History of Vaccines
    427. Microbiology Information Portal
    428. Microbiology Lab Explorer
    429. Microbiology Diagnostic Procedures
    430. Medical Entomology
    431. Bad Bugs -- Foodborne Pathogens (free PDF text)
    432. Probiotics
    433. Flu Facts
    434. Defence Mechanisms and Leukocyte Function
    435. Infection and Immunity
    436. The Benefits of Hand Washing
    437. History of Vaccines
    438. The Immune Stimulatory Effects of Vitamin D
    439. United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS
    440. Body Farm - Human Decomposition (5-minute Flash video)
    441. RESPIRATORY (See General Resources for more links.)

    442. Lung Anatomy (Medscape)
    443. Cerritos Respiratory Model Quiz
    444. Johns Hopkins' Interactive Respiratory Physiology
    445. Ventilation-Perfusion Ratio (KU Med)
    446. Lung Function Fundamentals
    447. Vital Capacity Calculator
    448. Respiratory System
    449. Air Density and Pressure
    450. The Larynx
    451. Lung Diseases
    452. The health risks of cigarette smoking.

    454. Dietary Reference Intakes (USDA)
    455. Search the USDA Food Nutrient Database
    456. USDA Best Food Sources for Specific Nutrients
    457. FDA How to Read a Food Label
    458. Value of Daily Values on Food Labels
    459. Your Digestive System (Adobe PDF)
    460. Dental Anatomy
    461. Oral Health Topics (ADA)
    462. Animated Teeth (Dental FYIs)
    463. Pathophysiology of the Digestive System
    464. The Vermiform Appendix
    465. Vestigiality of the Vermiform Appendix
    466. 26 Ways to Spot a Nutrition Quack
    467. Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-20 (PDF)
    468. Nutrition and Diet Calculators
    469. Kitchen Calculator
    470. Measuring Body Fat Using Calipers
    471. Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source
    472. FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
    473. International Food Information Council
    474. Ask a Dietician
    475. Weight Loss Resources
    476. Science of Cooking
    477. Linus Pauling Institute Nutrition Information Center
    478. Iowa State University Food Safety
    479. The World's Healthiest Foods
    480. Vegetarian Resource Group
    481. URINARY (See General Resources for more links.)

    482. How Your Kidneys Work
    483. Kidney and Urology Diseases and Urinalysis
    484. Urinalysis (mouse over)
    485. Urinalysis
    486. Urinalysis (Cornell)
    487. Urinalysis (Lab Tests Online)
    488. Urinalysis (American Family Physician)
    489. National Kidney Foundation Health Guide

    491. Healthy Pregnancy
    492. Lectures on Human Reproduction
    493. Hormones of the Reproductive System
    494. Reproductive Systems (3-minute Flash video)
    495. Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
    496. Men's Health Topics
    497. History of Circumcision
    498. Human Development
    499. Multidimensional Human Embryo
    500. Embryology
    501. Video of Human Prenatal Development (PBS)
    502. Biology of Sex and Gender
    503. Methods of Birth Control
    504. Birth Control Pill (PBS)
    505. Thirty four Symptoms of Menopause
    506. Gender Reassignment Surgery
    507. AIDS resources
    508. Sexual Health Resources
    509. The Prostate Gland

    511. Human Cadaver Dissection Videos
    512. The Virtual Human Project
    513. The Virtual Human Autopsy
    514. The Virtual Pig Dissection
    515. Cat Anatomy Tutorial
    516. Frog Dissection

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